The Journey Begins…

smart and sassy business

I came up with the idea of Smart and Sassy a few years ago. I convinced my friend to sign up for and run the Disney Princess Half Marathon. We signed up as a team and needed a team name for our race bibs. I came up with “SmartnSassy”.

This name always stuck with me. I like it because we are both a little sassy and a lot of smart. While I am not limiting the audience of this website to only female executives and entrepreneurs, the sassiness may lean to the female perspective.

One of the personal reasons that I wanted to start the blog and content website is because I believe that people and women need to be educated about business and basic money principles in life. Education and money leads to better choices and opportunities in life. I did well in school but I know others may not have the time, money, or willingness to go to school for over 10 years. However, they still need the information to run  a successful business and provide for their families or future.

As for the person behind Smart and Sassy Business, the boring stuff is that I have a Doctor of Business administration degree from Walden University, a Master of Business administration degree from the University of Cincinnati, and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Kentucky. You can call me “Doctor Melissa” for short. No, I really just wear a t-shirt, jeans, and running shoes as I type away in a coffee shop or my little desk at home. That’s the sass talking. I also like to add for all of those taking notes on the degrees, I also have a Ducktorate Degree from Disney University in Business Communications. I should have started with that, right?

I can hype up all of the crappy and not-so crappy corporate jobs that I’ve had at the several Fortune 500 companies, but I am not about wasting time.

I also teach undergraduate and MBA level classes for Bethel University in Tennessee and the University of Pikeville in Kentucky. Since you do not need to know all of the boring theories, spend hours in the online library researching content, or writing perfectly crafted papers in APA format to meet the minimum page count, I can cut to the chase and provide you the content you need, examples, and applications for your business or your personal development. There may be quizzes but I am definitely not grading them or grading 20 page research papers!

Feel free to reach out to me if you have requests on suggestions for content. If you want to complain, I have a special folder where I keep all of those emails!

1 thought on “The Journey Begins…”

  1. Ich bin jetzt nich der Ort Sie Informationen, jedoch good
    Thema. I muss einiger Zeit herauszufinden viel mehr
    oder Ausarbeitung mehr. Vielenn Daank für ausgezeichnete Informationen Ichh war aauf der Suche nach
    auf der Sucbe nach dies Infos für meine Mission.


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