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International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

I’ll be honest and say that I did not know this was an actual day or the true meaning of it. I’m going to play it cool and not push a political agenda. But I will say that if you are a female entrepreneur, then you got this!

If you are a male entrepreneur, you got this too! You just have to find another day to be recognized by society.

Being an entrepreneur is hard enough, no matter the gender. Let’s support the entrepreneur! While I know that large corporations started off as as small businesses at some point in time, it is usually safe to say that small business owners rely on the success of their business to support themselves and their families.

I live in a small little town on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee. The large majority of the businesses are small businesses with real people working, greeting customers, and doing whatever is necessary to bring in business. I see through the local business associations, every day that I drive through the historic district, and the social media notes of growth and new businesses opening. There are great stories about the owners and how the businesses started.

Let me give you an innocent example how I did NOT turn into a regular customer at one local business. The store sells deli products, homemade foods by the Amish, and dairy products from a local farm. It sales seasonal produce and plants, plus farm decor.  One day I saw on facebook that the business was offering $1 off per pound of sliced deli meats. I texted my husband to stop by on his home from work and pick up some.

He comes home empty-handed. When questioned, he said that the kid working behind the counter had not been trained on how to slice deli meats. Of course I was aggravated because I just saw 2 hours earlier that they were offering the deal today. What was the point of offering a deal for the day (Or the week) but not having the personnel to provide the product? MISSED SALE! And since I drive by that place at least 4 times a day, a missed opportunity to have a customer stop in once a week.

I know most people and businesses do not worry about the minutiae but I do. If I spend $20 a week, that’s over $1,000 a year. I am only customer that experienced this issue. There may have been more. Honestly, it’s probably been over a year and I have not stopped in there again. You can shame me for not supporting small businesses, but I also do not have a reason to change my shopping habits or waste time.

Let me throw in some small piece of (obvious) business advice. Be nice to your customers and offer great service! The people walking through your doors will decide if they will return again, give you bad or good reviews to their friends and on social media, and quite possibly, become one of your biggest fans.

One last item… if you need a call of action for the week, align your social media offers to coincide with your inventory levels and personnel.



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