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And then there were 7 P’s of Marketing

Later that night after I posted the 6P's of Marketing blog post, I remembered there was a 7th P- Position. Position means where in the market the product sits in relation to its competitors. Basically, are you selling a $2,000 Louis Vitton handbag or a $20 handbag at Wal-mart? What is the position of the… Continue reading And then there were 7 P’s of Marketing

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6 P’s of Marketing

Each marketing class begins with the 4 P's of marketing: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. They always start with the 4 P's. However, through taking classes and teaching classes, then 4 P's have been further expanded to include people and profits.  Product is the product or service that you are providing to potential customers that… Continue reading 6 P’s of Marketing

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Disney’s Guest Service

Disney's Guest Service. Brief description of my experience as a cast member and how other businesses can create magical experiences for their customers.

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6 Easy and Cheap Ideas for Great Customer Service

Here are 6 easy and cheap ideas for small business owners, specifically retailers, can implement immediately to enhance customer service for the holidays. Offer gift wrapping, customer wish list, personalization, highlight one product a day, cards, and gift baskets.