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Amazon Recruiting in Nashville

Last rainy Wednesday, I attended Amazon's recruiting fair in Nashville at the Ryman. As you may or may not know, Amazon is opening a mini headquarters in Nashville, not the main 2nd headquarters, but enough to employ 5,000 jobs. It's the largest job announcement for Nashville ever. So, what does one of the top companies… Continue reading Amazon Recruiting in Nashville

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And then there were 7 P’s of Marketing

Later that night after I posted the 6P's of Marketing blog post, I remembered there was a 7th P- Position. Position means where in the market the product sits in relation to its competitors. Basically, are you selling a $2,000 Louis Vitton handbag or a $20 handbag at Wal-mart? What is the position of the… Continue reading And then there were 7 P’s of Marketing

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Wonder if Crowdfunding is for you?

I know I've been talking about crowdfunding for a while and you may or may not be interested. I started with this subject because it is a relatively new business concept and I spent about 3 years researching how small businesses can use crowdfunding as a finance resource. So, I thought I might as well… Continue reading Wonder if Crowdfunding is for you?

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Achieving effective SMART Goals

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Limit. This class explains the "SMART" acronym and provide examples on how to write effective goals.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! If you do nothing else all year, spend 15 minutes a day working toward one goal. In 365 days, you'll have spent over 91 hours, that's more than 2 full work weeks, toward completing your goal. You may not completely master your goal by December 31, but you will be a lot… Continue reading Happy New Year!


Happy Holidays!

Enjoy the holiday season and relax, do something fun, move your body, rest, and laugh. Meet me back here in 2019!