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Crowdfunding for your Small Business Course is here!

The Crowdfunding for your small business course is now available. It includes over 4 hours of recorded material on how to choose the best crowdfunding project for your business, the internet platform to use, choosing the right rewards to attract customers, and budgeting your campaign. All of this information is to help you be in the half of all crowdfunding projects that are fully funded!

Crowdfunding, finance

Disadvantages of Crowdfunding

With all of the hype of how easy it is to use crowdfunding¬†to raise money for your business, There are some disadvantages. I don't want to be the Debbie Downer of the crowdfunding world but there are some hard truths to crowdfunding. And I like to be honest so that everyone knows what they are… Continue reading Disadvantages of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding, Small Business

Crowdfunding: Explained

You may have heard of crowdfunding but do not fully understand what it is. After spending three years of reading academic journals, mass media articles, and interviewing a few successful crowdfunders, I can help clarify things a bit. The crowdfunding world is the newest way to beg money from complete strangers online. Forget about the… Continue reading Crowdfunding: Explained